Teachers, Here are JUST 3 REASONS You Need a Soul Detox

  • Emotional Stacking. This happens when you try to avoid what’s going on inside instead of meeting the emotions, sitting with them, and processing through for true healing to occur.
  • Transitioning. At any given moment we can experience transition. Often times we move through the moment without understanding the emotions attached to it and we find ourselves struggling with issues like depression or anxiety.
  • Cluttered or Scattered Thinking. When your focus is off and your brain can’t fathom the next move, your emotions are engaged in a negative manner, causing your thinking to be even more frustrated and confused.

The 30-Day Soul Detox helps you sort through the toxic nouns in your life that cause all the problems above. Through wise teaching and practiced principles, Biblical-based visualizations, community support, and daily journal exercises, our team helps the Soul Detoxers experience Emotional Freedom and Mental Clarity.

The cost $97 and we need 10 teachers who are ready to register.