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Have you ever wondered why some businesses scale while others fail? Kaye Putnam, psychology-driven brand strategist, shares seven psychological principals you can use to create a business brand that will connect with your ideal customers.

Brand Psychology Hacks Kaye Putnam

In 7 Brand Psychology Hacks to Use in Your Business, Kaye explains that your brand uniquely identifies your company, product, or services from others. This can include everything from your logo and catch phrases to colors and scents. Kaye says her definition is “an intentional alignment over time.” This is why understanding psychology is so important to selling and creating a brand identity. The impact our business has on the minds of our ideal customers will directly affect their behavior. Which affects what they buy.

How do you use psychology to create a business brand?

The brand psychology strategies Kaye recommends include:

  1. We make decisions emotionally first and then back that up with logic. kaye suggests telling stories and using images to build your brand.
  2. People are social. This is why it's so important to build community and can include providing places for your customers to gather and for them to recommend your brand through testimonials, social media, focus groups. Show that people trust you.
  3. We share universal values. I immediately started chasing the brand archetypes rabbit as soon as I heard Kaye mention the concept. Any writers or English teachers out there thinking about the common character archetypes and Greek mythology now? But I digress. If you'd like to learn more about brand archetypes, check out “Brand Archetypes: The definitive Guide.” For the record, my businesses have always fallen into the role of creator, though I am now leaning more toward outlaw.
  4. People have short attention spans. I explained this to one of my clients earlier this week because I noticed they hadn't updated their social media in awhile. Teachers, you know that if you don't get your audience's attention, they will not engage in what you want them to do. Fortunately, it's easier to get people who actually want and need what you offer to pay attention than a room full of 12-year-olds. How can you help people identify with you as you create a business brand?
  5. Our brains seek patterns. You can create shortcuts to these patterns or connections. For example, the fonts and images you can use are all shortcuts to the universal values you're trying to communicate.
  6. Familiarity fosters appeal. In other words, the more you get your brand in front of people, the more they will like it. If they see your brand all over their Facebook feed, they will start to trust you.
  7. Distraction triggers engagement. Your ideal clients have reward systems in their brains. This is why kids who hate vocabulary tests will battle each other to win a gamified vocabulary lesson on Kahoot. How can you make your content entertaining, fun to watch?

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