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Courses & Toolkits

Creatorpreneur Collab Membership

The Creatorpreneur Collab Membership includes access to our online community, self-study courses and toolkits, regularly-scheduled group coaching, and ever-growing list of educational materials you need to start and grow your business. Join us here!

SEO Power Up Online Course

The SEO Power Up course includes up-to-date lessons based on a 15+ year background in optimizing websites for search engines. Learn how attract customers to your website without spending money. Get started attracting your target market now!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Course

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone! Your comfort zone is getting uncomfortable, but you need a roadmap for getting where you want to be in business and life. This online course that will guide you through planning, taking action, and rewriting your story. Show me how!

WordPress Skills provides you with 89+ video lessons to quickly help you solve your "How do I do this in WordPress?!" problems. No more searching through hours of YouTube video tutorials and listening to 5 minutes of random commentary. Get started NOW!

Finding clients and customers may seem like a mystery right now. But with these fill-in-the-blank templates and swipe files for headlines, closings, call to action, benefits, motivating phrases, and more, you'll have the words you need to convince your ideal customers to buy from you. Get started here!

30 Day Website Traffic Blueprint Course

This 30 Day Website Traffic Blueprint Course includes a new lesson every day for a month featuring the tools and techniques you need to drive targeted traffic to your website. Even better, it's completely free. Learn more and subscribe here.

Special Reports

Building Your Teacher Blog

A Teacher's Guide to Building Your Website will help you setup a basic website to help you document your teacher journey. As you grow more confident, you can start recommending activities and sharing resources. When you're ready to start sharing your lesson plans and resources you've created or books you've written, we can help you with that, too. Download your free report now!

A Teacher's Guide to "How Do I Start My Own Business?" will help you connect your interests, talents, and skills with the people who are willing to pay you for them. You'll learn how to connect your unique selling proposition with the target market that wants what you're offering for a foundation on which you can grow a successful business. Download your free report now!

How to Market Your Business With Text Messages

The Ultimate Guide to Text Message Marketing will help you step up your game! Imagine if you could reach 97% of your customers within 15 minutes of sending a message! Text message marketing is way more effective then email marketing -- when done right and using the right tools. I've successfully used this technique in my business and share my insights. Download your free report now!

Customer Service Strategies

If my experience has taught me anything, it's that customer service is paramount. What Exceptional Customer Service Can Do For Your Business is a report I created to help you evaluate your business and develop ways to provide exceptional customer service. After all, it's easier and less expensive to KEEP customers than to gain customers. Sign up for the report here!

(Also, you'll have a chance to get an early peek at a new community I'm building.)