Take the Leap: Turn Your Passion into a Profitable Business with Expert Guidance

Embrace Your Independence: Build a Business That Makes a Real Impact

I help entrepreneurs collaborate to grow the business they love through their own website and content marketing.

  • Do you crave the freedom to immerse yourself in the creative endeavors you love?
  • Are you dreaming of making your own decisions and setting your own hours?
  • Do you have a vision or mission to make a difference in the world -- and need a business platform to make that happen?

Starting a business is a big step, and it's not always easy, but for creative entrepreneurs, the rewards often outweigh the challenges. It's all about taking your passion, independence, and desire to make an impact and channeling them into something truly special. You get to wake up every day and do what you love – and I want to help you do just that!

Starting a new business or making decisions to grow the one you can be scary alone. But you don't have to do this by yourself.

If you're wanting to build your own WordPress website to get away from the algorithms, create content to take advantage of organic search engine traffice, and collaborate with other entrepreneurs to build your dream, you'll be a great client for me!

You want to build a creative business that will give you the freedom to pursue your passion and collaborate with people who get who you are and your mission. I'm here to help you make the decisions you need to become a profitable creative entrepreneur.

I'm looking forward to working with entrepreneurs who are ready to take action -- ready to start a new business or grow an existing one to new levels.

Michelle Boyd Waters

Private coaching includes:

  • One monthly planning session
  • Daily email questions and feedback
  • 30 minute follow up coaching sessions as needed
  • Access to Creatorpreneur Collab membership

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Very insightful

You are very capable of helping those who need inspiration in building their business. You do a great job for your customers and are honest and very insightful. I look forward to working with you! Go get 'em coach!

Judy Boyd Owl B Stampin'

Highly recommended!

Michelle Waters not only helped me as a student, but also as a person and entrepreneur. She went above and beyond to make time to perfect my business even when I would procrastinate. Extremely goal oriented and honest. If you’re looking to start a new business but just feel like you need steps in the right direction or even just critiquing your existing one, I highly recommend Michelle!

Jordan Womack J & Nate's Landscape

She provides top notch service

Michelle and [reThink Your Hosting] are great companies. She provides top notch service, and her helpdesk is amazing. She is always ready to help and if she does not have an answer she will find one.

Robin Ashcraft Fiber Artist and Web Designer

Michelle is pleasant to work with, easy going and takes action

I have worked with Michelle and what I enjoy most is her enthusiasm. She has passion and desire in her work. She cares deeply about helping product sellers succeed.

Michelle is pleasant to work with, easy going and takes action when it is needed or warranted to get things done. She is an excellent listener and is open to new ideas and suggestions. We have worked on several projects together, and I highly recommend Michelle for your website design/graphics/SEO needs.

Teresa A. Morrow Administrative Assistant

Michelle is here to serve her clients

I wanted to share what a joy it is to know Michelle as a friend and as a fellow entrepreneur. We met in the fall of 2006 and immediately starting networking and masterminding together. Michelle is here to serve her clients and prospects in ways that express her passion for people and to provide them with her God given talents and gifts.

Therefore, if you provide products for people via the Internet and want a really good online system, then Michelle should be your first or next interview to see just how she can meet (or exceed) all of your needs when it comes to setting up or expanding your eCommerce Website.

Roy Montero Personal Branding & Relationship Marketing Consultant

Michelle's guidance will help ensure your success!

Michelle has been a key player in the success of my ecommerce website. She is an expert at what she does and one of the most knowledgeable, professional people I've had the pleasure of working with. I would highly recommend Michelle for any e-commerce business, as her guidance will help ensure your success.

Amie Cave Business Owner and Web Designer

Incredible insight on how to really nail down an idea for a business

I truly appreciated the level of professionalism and respect that you brought to our meeting. Although recent events have not provided a stable environment to establish a business just yet, my meeting with you gave me some incredible insight on how to really nail down an idea for a business. I loved that you listened to exactly what I was wanting to do, developed a clear agenda for how to proceed, and provided some incredible sources and tools in the process! I would absolutely recommend you!

Kris Dorgan Bank Documentation Specialist

Great advice on maintaining consistency in writing

I have blogged off and on for several years, but in the last couple of years, I have focused on my work as a middle school teacher. My blog has been mostly personal, but now, I know I have something to say to "the world." Michelle gave me some good ideas on ways to build an audience as well as some great advice on maintaining consistency in writing and posting. She is practical and down-to-earth in her approach to creating a blog and keeping the focus. I would definitely recommend her.

Olivia Fulmer Eagle Wings with ELA

A teacher at heart

I have known Michelle for about 14 years and have always noticed that she is a teacher at heart. Whenever I or another peer asks a question, Michelle is eager to answer and has gone so far as to do research to be sure the information she's giving is up to date.

Over the years I have had a few 1:1 coaching sessions with Michelle and she instinctively knows the right questions to ask. Whether that was to get me thinking more deeply or to guide me toward an answer, Michelle was always patient and I could feel that she cared about my next steps.

Michelle is one of my favorite online resources and I highly recommend grabbing a few 1:1 coaching sessions.

Christina Lemmey Multimedia Content Solutions

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