Trusted Mentor Cindy Bidar

Cindy Bidar, owner of Six Figure Systems, is my trusted mentor for learning how to organize and scale my business, particularly my online courses. She creates training on how to organize your business, how to promote your products and/or services, and she does so with top-notch online classes.

On top of that, she offers trainings on how to create courses using tools you're probably already familiar with, and even for people like me who aren't fond of being on camera. 

With the skills I learned from teaching during the pandemic, I can create online courses and teach others how to build their own online publishing companies. 

Cindy is someone I trust and who I turn to repeatedly when I am looking for answers or new insights.  

Cindy's free resources

Podcast Episode with Cindy

If you’re still doubting your ability to turn your teaching skills into a business, you NEED to hear this episode! My friend and mentor, Cindy Bidar, didn’t know a thing about being an online entrepreneur when she began in 2012. But instead of living in fear of the unknown, she decided to tackle this new line

Episode #15: Creating Automations and Systems to Power Your Online Business

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