Affiliate Program

The reThink Your Lifestyle Affiliate Program covers all of my products, courses, and coaching programs.

You can apply to be an affiliate here.

Commission Structure:

  • 50% on every information product or course sale
  • 30% on membership subscriptions
  • 20% on group coaching programs
  • 10% on private coaching clients

Top 5 Reasons to Promote My Products

  • Partnering with me is easy.
  • My offer funnel will include opportunities for recurring commissions
  • I'm happy to work on special promotions with you
  • I take superb care of my people
  • I pay commissions on time!

When You Sign Up for My Program

  • You'll receive your own link code to track your referrals
  • Use your link in your blog, social media, and in your email list
  • We pay all amounts owned from the previous month on the 15th
  • We pay via Paypal, Cash App, or Venmo

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(Note: To maintain the integrity and spirit of our affiliate program, ordering or signing up through your own link is forbidden. Self-serving commissions will be deleted to ensure that all affiliates receive proper credit.)