Creatorpreneur Collab Podcast
Creatorpreneur Collab Podcast
Episode #3: Patrysha Korchinski Shares Local Marketing Strategies

Episode 3 Local Marketing StrategiesThe one thing that consistently separates successful entrepreneurs from those who aren't is a willingness to take action. My guest Patrysha Korchinski has been a long-time business mentor to me who has always been willing to work with me as we grow our businesses. Today, she shares local marketing strategies you can implement to help your fledgling company, whether you're running a local business or an online business.

Patrysha and I have known each other online for almost 20 years and I have watched and learned with her through an online networking group for mom entrepreneurs. She primarily serves local businesses in her region of Canada who want to improve their publicity and marketing strategies. Even though her company and clientele are local, she has used the internet to network, develop her expertise, and even serve her local customers.

Patrysha shares with us:

  • The truth about abundant wages teachers need to learn.
  • Why local businesses should leverage online marketing
  • How to grow your business through local networking
  • How local businesses can benefit from online networking
  • A key business mistake you should avoid
  • Low cost, high impact methods for marketing your business

The beauty of entrepreneurship is you choose your own adventure.

Patrysha Korchinski

You can reach Patrysha through her websites and social media below:

About the Author

I chose to proactively retire from the classroom teaching and share my gifts in a different context. I'm a damn good teacher and I'm tired of working within a frustrating system that won't let me do what I know is right. So I'm taking my business full time -- and I'm still educating, still making a difference in the world. And I want to help you do the same.

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