Creatorpreneur Collab Podcast
Creatorpreneur Collab Podcast
Episode #8: Money Management Tips for Teachers

Whether you're wanting to start a business or just looking at transitioning out of the classroom, you need to think about money management. My guest is money mentor Jill Wiley who current teaches in Norway.

I met her through a Facebook group and immediately recognized that she has excellent financial advice for teachers who are looking at leaving the classroom — not any magic bullets, no get-rich-quick schemes — just solid advice to help you make sure you take good care of yourself during a tough time, whether you're planning to leave teaching now for later.

Jill answers questions such as:

  • How can teachers gain control of their financial lives?
  • How can teachers reconnect with their joy and find a sense of dignity financially?
  • What do teachers who want to start a small business –whether a side gig or full time — need to do financially?
  • What money management mindsets and practical advice do teachers need?
  • What's the first thing you need to think about financially if you're wanting to get out of teaching?

You can reach Jill through her website and social media below:

About the Author

I chose to proactively retire from the classroom teaching and share my gifts in a different context. I'm a damn good teacher and I'm tired of working within a frustrating system that won't let me do what I know is right. So I'm taking my business full time -- and I'm still educating, still making a difference in the world. And I want to help you do the same.

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