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Four steps to get you started today

Web Hosting

Step 1: Build your online platform with reThink Your Hosting + WordPress

I speak from experience when I say that if you're serious about your business, you need to build it on YOUR platform. That means buying your own hosting account and learning WordPress. 

If you're new to WordPress, it can be overwhelming, which is why I recommend my hosting company, reThink Your Hosting. My team and I have more than two decades of experience hosting websites and more than 10 years developing WordPress websites. We'll have you setup ASAP, including installing WordPress and our recommended theme. If you get stuck, let us know! 

Email Marketing Software

Step 2: Setup your email list with ConvertKit

The best way to build relationships with potential customers and maintain them with existing customers is to stay in touch through email. I recommend you start building your list right from the beginning so you don't miss out connecting with your early adopters.

ConvertKit is the tool I use and recommend whether you're just starting out or scaling an established company. If you're just starting out, they offer a free version and the pricing scales reasonably as you grow. 

How do I start my own business?

Step 3: Decide what (and to whom) you'll sell

Not only will you need a way to earn money, but you'll also need people who want what you're offering. That means you'll need a product or service to sell and you'll need to know who faces the problem that what you're selling solves. 

Not sure what you're offering? Check out my Teacher's Guide to "How Do I Start My Own Business?" report. You can download it for free below.

Shopping Cart Software

Step 4: Install your shopping cart

No matter what you're selling online, whether it's digital products, courses, memberships, or services, you'll need a way to take payments and provide customers access.

I have used aMember since 2013 and highly recommend it for anyone who needs an online shopping cart. It's flexible, scalable -- and just always works. The aMember team and the associated community provides excellent support. Even better, if the reThink Your Hosting Creator Premium plan, I'll install it for you.