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Have you ever had the opportunity to share what you know and someone else connected with what you were saying and it was a magical moment -- and it all happened on camera? I joined a Zoom conference with the intention of sharing my story about how I wrote just one SEO blog post that started the ball rolling for my online publishing company.

This happened just a couple of weeks ago during Kelly McCausey's Blog Week 2022 and I was super excited to get to help another entrepreneur figure out what she wanted to do with her business. 

Apparently, that business owner and I weren't the only ones excited by the revelation:

Blog Week Day 2 Golden Nugget

What happened reminds me of the time that I was seriously on the spot in my classroom. Not only was I teaching a lesson to seventh graders about plot structure and what makes something a story, but my principal was in the room doing a formal observation. 

I asked the students to explain what a story was and crickets chirped. I was about to just explain it myself, but the principal stepped in and brought us back to that moment. I knew I had to do something to show that I hadn't missed the fact that the students weren't engaged.

So I reminded them about the time that I tried to show them a documentary about the Titanic. Several students groaned and said, "That was so boring!"

I already knew the answer to my question, so I asked them how they felt about the movie Titanic. Several students perked up and said it was their favorite movie. 

So I asked them what the difference was. Why was the Titanic documentary boring, but the movie was their favorite?

One young lady piped up with a impish grin on her face and said, "Because it's a looove story!"

Immediately, several students started talking about once, everyone trying to get their opinions of the movie heard. I knew we had hit on what makes a story compelling (which is an important awareness for business owners and marketers, too).

The moment in the video above felt much the same. Check it out and if it helps you, too, I'd love to read your story in the comments. 

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