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One of the steps often forgotten in the excitement of creating a new business is the planning phase.  This is particularly important when you're creating your sales and marketing strategy.  Spend some time mapping out how your content, products and services, and marketing are all going to work together to build a profitable business. This is particularly important if you're building an online business (even if you deliver products or services in person), since you won't have a storefront that people can see. As part of this process, let's learn how to create a sales funnel that will drive sales on your website.

Step One:  Develop high quality products. 

Starting off on the right foot with your customer service approach is very important for the livelihood of your online business. Quality products and services, from the very first freebie to your largest ticket item, will help you gradually build a positive reputation for yourself. Any future dealings you have where you can do repeat business with your customer should leave them feeling as if they were treated as well if not better than the first time around.

Step Two:  Create your product or service line. 

A sales funnel is a series of incrementally more valuable, and perhaps more expensive, products or services to offer your customers.  However, people are going to enter your funnel at various stages.  Some may begin by taking advantage of your free offer while some may jump right in and buy a product or service.  Create a plan for each type of customer.  Set the stage for the next level of products you have available. Figure out which ones might be of interest to your clients, or which ones could be useful. Help them to see just how they can be helpful and how to implement them effectively into their present business or organization.

Step Three: Maintain the Communication. 

In addition to creating a line of high quality products and services, you’ll also want to establish consistent communication with your prospects and customers.  Accomplish this by continuing the flow of valuable information in the form of blog posts, email messages and perhaps a newsletter.

Maintaining the flow of valuable information makes it easier for your customers to confidently pass your information on to others. You could soon find yourself starting the process all over again with new referrals, or other people you have found on your own who have become customers.

Planning is the key to business success. 

Create your sales funnel plan, marketing plan and content plan and work to integrate the three into a seamless and efficient system.  Consistency is the key, and by using the same plan over and over again with each new person, your business will grow. And everyone will be receiving the same great quality products and services you have to offer.

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