Michelle Boyd Waters, M.Ed. | August 24, 2022 6:38 am
Monthly Recurring Payments

Are you looking for ways to maximize your business or create another stream of income? Try a membership site. It is not easy, but it can pay off in many ways for your business, especially with monthly recurring payments that you can rely on as the foundation of your income.

Why do people seek out your business? Well, they want what you are selling. They see it as a quality product that they can get behind. Whether you are selling content, a service or another tangible product, your brand is one that people have come to trust and find of good quality.

A membership site can multiply that hard work to increase not only your profits but also your expert status and visibility in your niche market. Be aware, however - while there are many advantages to a membership site, the first requirement is that you are ready to handle the increased workload. Research all that you need to do to get and keep it up and running. If you can meet those needs, then you are golden.

So, back to the reasons why you need one. Here are a few.

Dedicated Customers

Once you convince someone to buy a membership, they will automatically renew each month as long as you provide the promised product and tools to help that customer grow their own business. The idea of a membership site is to satisfy a need but at a higher level. Even if the members one day opt out of the membership, they will more than likely still use your services in some other capacity.

Monthly Income

Like I said, you are creating a new income stream. As long as your customers are satisfied, you can count on that money coming in each month.

Increase Your Brand's Reach

Through offering exclusive products and services to members, you are strengthening your brand. This means having the resources to provide consistent quality to your members each and every month. When that happens, these members will promote your membership site with their network which can net you more customers.

Easy Expansion

Your membership site may start out with one level until you get the hang of managing it and/or you pick up more customers. Adding multiple tiers of services increases monthly profits and opportunities to attract more customers. It also helps solidify your position in your niche market.


Membership sites can include several pitfalls if you are not careful. Being prepared can help avoid problems. This includes have your resources in place to continually provide tools and products for clients each and every month and making sure your policies are available and clear. Also, don’t forget to create a communication system where a client can reach you when they need you and get a timely response.

One of the best ways to ensure that you avoid any pitfalls is to learn from someone who has been there and done that. One of my longtime mentors, Angela Wills, has recently released an online course, Masterclass Launch in 3 Hours that helps you easily and quickly create the content you'll need to establish a membership. Angela has started and sold several memberships over the years that have earned her six-figure incomes. Check out her numbers here!

Even better, check out her Masterclass in 3 Hours. I've taken the course and it's super easy to create your own course and prepare it for sale using the tools and processes she recommends.

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