Creatorpreneur Collab Podcast
Creatorpreneur Collab Podcast
Episode #4: Why Do Teachers Feel Guilty?

RYL Episode #4 Teacher GuiltWhy do teachers feel guilty? It's a fair question. Throughout our careers, we feel guilty about everything, it seems. Sometimes it was because we took sick days. Other times it was because, no matter how hard we tried, our students didn't score “high enough” on the test. (Nevermind that some of them discovered books and others found their voices.) I know from experience, that on our last day, teachers feel guilty because we're leaving.

I'm done feeling guilty though. I've stepped out of the toxic environment of the classroom, with the encouragement of my family, friends — and even former students — and started my (second) full time entrepreneurial venture. I'm also continuing my education.

But I wanted to take some time to talk to you about why teachers feel guilty, even when doing nothing wrong, and even though we've done everything we know to take care of the students in our classrooms.

I also want to encourage you to take stock of your situation — and take care of yourself.

You can read more resources about why teachers (and women) feel guilty here:

Edited: This is a no-guilt podcast. So I am not going to feel guilty about the errors that I had in the earlier version of my show notes. I am thankful though for my beta readers who privately point them out to me.

Those who can, do. Those who can teach, do. Those who can't do either, complain about those who do.

Michelle Boyd Waters, M.Ed.
About the Author

I chose to proactively retire from the classroom teaching and share my gifts in a different context. I'm a damn good teacher and I'm tired of working within a frustrating system that won't let me do what I know is right. So I'm taking my business full time -- and I'm still educating, still making a difference in the world. And I want to help you do the same.

  • Thank you for addressing the topic of Teacher Guilt. It's so true. Perhaps the system is designed that way to keep the workers in check? While I'm not entrepreneurial in how I share my work, you make a great case for teachers honoring their own time and creativity by going into a business that supports their families and their own dreams. I also appreciate the links to other articles on the same topic.

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