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If you’re new to the world of internet marketing, you may not have heard the term “profitable niche.” But it is important to understand the concept of a profitable niche. It’s a technique used in affiliate marketing to seek smaller sections of a larger market. This permits you as an internet or affiliate marketer to develop these smaller sections to better suit the needs of your potential customers or prospects.  There are several steps to choosing a profitable niche.  Let’s take a look at the first steps.

2 keys to choosing a profitable niche

First of all, a niche is a segment of a market for which you can provide a specialized product or service. The key to success is choosing the right niche.

An Interesting Niche

It’s much easier if you choose a niche to work in which will provide you with some satisfaction. An advanced interest in the topic makes it that much easier for you to continue being able to supply your customers with valuable information on a regular basis. This is the key to getting your successful sales funnel started on the right path. If you can’t come up with enough information to keep your prospects coming back for more, you may need to reconsider your niche choice.

This has to start with you and what you're passionate about. Your profitable niche might be super boring to someone else, but to you, it's just as important as air. So if you're a major fan of manga, a middle school English teacher, and you love to write, your niche could be writing curriculum to help teachers introduce manga to their middle school students. Or maybe you write middle school manga.

Another example: As a teacher, I provide curriculum and professional development resources tailored to the needs of secondary English teachers who are trying to find ways to engage students in reading and writing that is relevant to their lives. They trust me because I have the degrees, certifications, and years in the classroom to support my work.

As an entrepreneur, I have the years of experience as a web developer and an educational publishing company owner, coupled with a degree in journalism to support my work.

Clearly, writing, teaching, and promoting are all areas of interest and expertise for me. So I blended those interests, passions, to carve out a profitable niche for myself.

Demand for Your Chosen Niche

If you’re concerned whether your chosen niche is one that will be popular enough to keep your online business going strong, take it for a little test drive. Perform keyword research to guide you towards stats about your niche idea and how many searches have been done on your potential niche. I use the Google Keyword Planner to conduct my research.

For example, if your chosen niche is cotton balls you would do keyword research based on that. Let’s say cotton balls returns a result of 152 searches per month. This is not a very in demand topic and it could be a difficult niche to profit from.

Now let’s change that keyword research to your second choice, homemade beauty products. It returns a result of over and above 30,000 searches per month and is definitely worth looking into. The higher the search result, the more popular the niche – the more demand for information on your chosen topic. The more popular the niche, the better chance you have of succeeding using as your sales funnel starting point.

Keep in mind though, like choosing an informative essay topic, “homemade beauty products” is way too broad. You want to “niche down” or focus your niche on something more specific, like homemade makeup brush cleaner.

Make sure your topic is interesting to you and determine if there is enough demand. These keys are just the beginning to a profitable niche and sales funnel.  There is a method to success with niches and sales funnels. The best way to succeed is to take it one-step at a time.

Once you've selected your niche, you can start researching products you've like to produce or dropship, services you'd like to offer, or affiliate programs and products/services you'd like to recommend to your customers.

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