Michelle Boyd Waters, M.Ed. | March 21, 2022 5:58 am
Women Entrepreneurs

One of the best ways you can celebrate women's history month is by promoting the businesses the we start -- often while work a full-time job and caring for children. You can start by promoting the women entrepreneurs you know and then help spread the word about these 10 women who I've worked with online for 5 to 20+ years.

Don't just stop there. Here are some other ways you can support women-owned businesses -- this month and all year round.

How to Celebrate Women Entrepreneurs

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Lynette Chandler

Lynette Chandler

Lynette is the tech genius I turn to when I need help with my website or a client website. She not only creates WordPress plugins, but also printable templates for busy entrepreneurs. I also met her through Mom Masterminds.

Coach Glue

Nicole Dean

Nicole is an author and business consultant who makes a living from empowering entrepreneurs with Private Label Rights (PLR) templates and printables. I first met her at Mom Masterminds almost 20 years ago.

Time Freedom Business

Melissa Ingold

Melissa is an online content creator who has made it her mission to help busy entrepreneurs outsource tasks and free up their time. I met her at Mom Masterminds and saw her business grow after she bought Internet Marketing Sweetie from Alice Seba (mentioned below).

Christina Lemmey

Christina Lemmey

Christina is a podcast editor and ghostwriter who makes it possible for business coaches and other entrepreneurs to do what they do. I met her through Mom Masterminds and she edited my first podcast.

Love People Make Money

Kelly McCausey

Kelly is a community builder who has made entrepreneurship possible for thousands of women around the world. She is a mentor, coach, and content creator who is the "mastermind" behind Mom Masterminds where I met many of my long-time business friends.

Publish for Prosperity

Alice Seba

Alice is an online entrepreneur who nurtures a community of publishers centered around her Private Label Rights (PLR) print-on-demand products. I first met her through Internet-Based Moms, Internet Marketing Sweetie, and Mom Masterminds. 

VA Networking

Tawnya Southerland

Tawnya created a virtual assistant network while single-handedly raising three children in 2003. Her network serves thousands of VAs from around the world.

LaTara Venise

LaTara Venise

LaTara is a vision activation strategist who has been helping women achieve their goals since I first met her online at Mom Masterminds 20 years ago. You can listen to her lifestyle podcast episode about soul care on our site.

Angela Wills

Angela Wills

Angela helps business owners learn how to email their lists daily. I know, sounds scary, right? But I met her through Mom Masterminds more than 20 years ago when she ran a virtual assistant company and she has used daily emails to grow her sustainable content marketing business since then. 

Build your online publishing company

In case you're wondering why I only have nine women on my list, it's because I saved myself for last. You can follow me on social media using the icons below.

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